MUDPHISH Shows July 2010 Cancelled

17.07.2010 - Due to two severly herniated discs in the cervical vertebrae of singer Claudia Bettinaglio two Mudphish concerts in July 2010 have to be cancelled.

Claudia Bettinaglio has suffered two herniated discs in the cervical vertebrae. As a consequence of this she has to undergo surgery. It will not be possible for her to sing concerts in the near future. As far as we can tell at the moment there will be longer a reconvalescence period. All in all the outlook is not too bad. However, safety and health are paramount at this time.
As a replacement for Mudphish The Moondog Show will take over the slot at the Chappella Open Air on July 25th.
If you want to contact Ms. Bettinaglio you can do so through her Facebook account.

Further information:

Facebook: Claudia Bettinaglio

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